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Tip Tuesday (Halloween Edition)

HALLOWEEN is almost here again, which means costume party after costume party!

Having trouble coming up with the perfect outfit? Well, have no fear! The Salon West team has come up with the perfect solution!

This Tip Tuesday, we present to you...


That's right...glitter lips. They are so fun, not to mention BOLD. They'll add a nice pop to any costume you decide on! Or better yet, you could just go as a glitter babe! 😘

What you'll need:

• Clear lip gloss

• Glitter of your choice

• Any small makeup brush

How to apply:

• Apply clear lip gloss to lips

• Dip brush in a small amount of gloss

• Dip brush with gloss in small pile of glitter

• Press glitter to your lips

It's really that easy!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! Stay magical! 💖

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